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“My Name Is Melissa” is a powerful film that explores Melissa’s life, covering many of life’s issues including finding hope and courage in the face of overwhelming odds, learning to appreciate every oasis in life, the futility of power struggles, and more.

The story begins with Melissa as a simple seven year old girl who loves the little things in life.  Despite the fact that her working single mother can barely provide for them, Melissa is cheerful, fun-loving, upbeat, and thinks the best of everyone and everything … except for the “Alligator”, a Stalker who follows her at a distance, wherever she goes.

As the rest of Melissa’s life is recounted in very much Forrest Gump style, the audience sees Melissa every ten years; growing with her through the rough times and the good times, and learning the things that Melissa learns as she grows.  Throughout Melissa’s entire life, however, the Stalker’s ominous presence oppresses her as he gets closer and closer every year.

The story is  unique and impactful, bringing a large range of emotions from the viewers, from sadness to joy, fear to courage, hopelessness to hope.  Ultimately, no heart in the audience will escape being moved in some way by Melissa’s life and her views on life.

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